Monday, July 2, 2007

Freedom Of Expression

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Term 2 Week 10 Task 4

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Term 4 Week 5 Task 5

    Is the use of torture ever justified in dealing with criminals and terrorists? Discuss this in the light of the arguments raised in the two articles and substantiate your ideas with examples of your own. Your response should consist of at least two content paragraphs and be at least 300 words long.

    Torturing someone is considered inhumane. However, is torture justifiable in dealing with criminals and terrorists? In my opinion, torture is indeed justifiable in dealing with criminals and terrorists, only if the situation is at a critical point.

    Torturing to obtain information may seem harsh and against human rights but I personally think that if the situation concerns the masses, torturing may be the only choice left, whether or not it yields any results, it is worth a try. In article 2, Peter Faris listed down some examples on why torture is justifiable in some extreme cases. In article 2, Mr Paris Aristotle, Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture director, said, "When they pull out one of his fingernails and he doesn't say anything, do they find his child and start torturing his child? When they can't find anything from the child do they go find his wife and go and rape his wife in front of him?" I reject this to a certain extent as I think that torture must only be inflicted on the criminal, not people related to the criminal. Torture may come in two forms, physical torture and mental torture. Pain is part of physical torture whereas mental torture may come in the form of bringing religion into the scene. For example, if one commits an inhumane and morally prohibited crime, isn’t it morally correct to torture him in interrogation if he does not comply? Consider the brutal acts he did, should we stick to our moral behaviour?

    In article 1, it suggests that torture is not justifiable as compared to FBI’s methods of interrogation. As stated by the article, “Small amenities--an FBI agent's knowledge of the Koran, unlimited videos and even an operation for an al-Qaeda member's child--were the kinds of things that eventually turned them. Patience was rewarded.” Eventhough FBI’s interrogation method may yield some results, it may be time consuming, and considering that time is not by anyone’s side. Terrorist may strike anytime and if the results come after the chaos, then the interrogation is a failure. The main thing here is not about juicing out information from captured operative but how fast the information can be juiced out to stop other terrorists from carrying out their operations successfully. Interrogation alone may not yield fast results and hence, the FBI must find new ways to obtain information fast as it is a race against time. Why not try a more harsh torture and see if it does yield results? Even if the terrorist is a very strong-minded person, there is actually a breaking point in which he cannot withstand any longer. Hence, torturing to reach this breaking point may just be the fastest way to obtain the information.

    In conclusion, I think that torture is indeed justifiable in dealing with criminals and terrorists, only if the situation is at a critical point.

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Terry Fox, Influential & Inspirational

    For the first GP task, I chose to talk about Terry Fox. One might remember him as the amputee who had a unique running style. Although he died way before I was born, his contributions were repeatedly shown in the media till now.

    Terry Fox was 18 when he was diagnosed with bone cancer. His right leg was amputated as amputation was the common treatment for cancer then. As cancer was under-funded in Canada then, he hoped to raise funds for the cancer research. Furthermore, he did not want other people to go through the painful process of cancer like the way he did. With this, he decided to run the journey he called Marathon of Hope.

    Terry started his fund raising journey in St. John's Newfoundland on April 12, 1980. He was forced to abandon his run after his cancer had spread to his lungs. By then, he had run 42 kilometres everyday for 143 days. His wish was to raise one dollar from every Canadian citizen and he managed to achieve his aim. The Marathon of Hope fund totalled to about $24.17 million. However, he died later in June, 1981.
    I consider Terry Fox to be influential is firstly because his Marathon of Hope had raised huge sum of funds to help the cancer research sector then. Without his effort to raise awareness for the importance of finding a cure for cancer, millions would have died due to this fatal disease. His efforts had quickened the development of the cancer research. Under his name, The Terry Fox Foundation is still raising money for the cancer research sector.
    Secondly, he influenced other people to persevere through life eventhough pain may be a barrier. He managed to run an inspirational marathon eventhough he was an amputee and a cancer patient. Against all odds, he persevered through the runs but unfortunately, he was forced to stop. He had proved that being disabled does not mean being unable. His life may be short but his courage will last for eternity in people's eyes.
    These were the reasons why I concluded him to be an influential and inspirational person.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mr. Fairuz Debut Post

    At first, I thought blogging was a waste of time. Now, I realised that blogging is somewhat a faster way to make your views on certain issues known to public and make it open to critiques. This blog is made for GP and only GP.

    I am Fairuz from 08/07. I am formerly in pdg 04/07 in the first three months of my stay in Anderson Junior College. My subject combination is H2 Physics, Chemistry and Maths and Economics at H1 level. I had been training with the school's soccer team since Nov 2006. Currently, we are preparing for the A Division tournament due in 8 days time. I am from Swiss Cottage Secondary School. Since young, I had been weak in my language. So, I hope this jeepy-portal will help me in my General Paper which I had been associating it with negative words like HORRIFYING.

    General things about me:
    I love sports mainly short distance sprints, shot put, javelin, long jump, SOCCER, badminton, archery. My food preference would be fruits, chickens, seafood minus off FISHES (bluek!), chocolates, ice-cream and anything from candyland. I am lazy but can be hardworking if I wanted to. I like the number 8 because it is one of the numbers that will stay the same if u look at it upside down. :p

    If anyone find it hard to remember my name, just remember 5 roses. Till next time!

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Fairuz a.k.a fire-RUZ
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